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The Importance of Mobile Optimization

Benefits of Mobile Optimization

1. A mobile-optimized site facilitates social media locating and following.

If your site is not optimized for mobile, users will encounter difficulties in searching for or directing them to your social pages. Mobile optimization makes your social pages icons or links conspicuous to visitors, increasing the chance of getting them directed to your social pages.

2. Mobile optimization boosts your SEO presence.

Since a great number of users access their social network accounts through smartphones, developing a site designed for mobile access seems to be a wise strategy. A site designed to be responsive to both desktop and mobile internet access is not only costly and difficult to develop, but may as well badly impact your SEO rankings. Having your site optimized for mobile search will surely drive more traffic to it as users may find it through mobile Internet access. In addition, if you get your brand shared or mentioned by your followers, their friends and followers who access social media channels through smartphones may easily see and follow the links to your site. So if your site is non-mobile optimized, your chance of having these users as repeat visitors will substantially drop off.

3. Mobile-optimized site drives business profits.

Since Google now favors local searches, a mobile-optimized site will generate more sales for your business. For instance, after office hours, people may look for a new restaurant, fine dining place, or bars located near their place of work or abode using their mobile phones. They will surely find your business if your site is optimized for mobile Internet search.

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