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Do you want to reach more customers on the internet? Or perhaps you are considering to invest some money on advertising? The first type of advertising channel that you should look into is PPC advertising. Ever since the creation of the net, both PPC and banners ads are popular ways to drive targeted prospects to millions of advertisers worldwide.

But, what is exactly PPC ads? If you ever search for something at Google, probably you will notice small text ads on the right side of your search results. Those links are not necessarily the most relevant results for the keyword. It appears there because the advertisers pay Google for it.

The same goes for thousands of websites on the internet. If you ever browse popular websites like MySpace, Digg, YouTube or perhaps you favorite websites, you will notice small text links labeled "Ads By Google". Those are actually PPC ads and MySpace actually display those ads not for free.

You might be wondering, why should you use PPC advertising? Why not invest money on other advertising channel like newspaper or perhaps banner ads? Well, these are the advantages of utilizing PPC marketing:

1. As business owner, you can get lots of targeted customers at low cost. You don't need to pay anything for your ads to be displayed. You pay only when people click on your ads, that is for each visitor that you receive. This is times cheaper than using banner ads or offline advertising, where you need to pay a huge amount of money just for your ads to be published in papers.

2. You have full control over the type of traffic. Upon login into the Google AdWords control panel, you can choose the keywords you want your ads to be displayed. If you choose the right keywords, you will enjoy massive conversion and make profits overnight.

3. Your potential customers will also love the way PPC marketing works. You don't need to spam their inbox with promotional messages. Instead, whenever your customers want something, they will look for you inside search engines.

4. The PPC publishers or webmasters who display the ads also love this program. In fact, they can make five figure income per month just by displaying ads to their visitors. It is a great way to monetize their websites or blogs.

However, just like other type of advertising, there's still risks when using PPC advertising. Keep in mind that the traffic is not free and therefore, you will lose money if the conversion is bad. These are some weakness of PPC marketing:

1. The cost-per-click could be very high sometimes. This is true when you are selling something in saturated markets like weigh loss, make money online and web hosting. In fact, some advertisers are willing to pay over $20 per click to get on top position.

2. Choose the wrong keywords and your money will be drained away for nothing. This one is common. There are lots of keywords which contain lots of traffic but poor conversion. This is due to the fact people who search on the net for these keywords are not ready to buy anything.

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